Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coffee Shop Creepy

Looking to add some excitement to the routine of your day? Well give this one a try:

     First find a store that sells condoms - your local deli, a drug store or even a love boutique.  Find the condom section and pick out a box of Magnum condoms (If you are a man you're finally, actually, going to get to use the Magnums that you buy :)) and take them to the cashier.  Upon reaching the cash register place the condoms on the counter allowing the cashier to see them, pick them up and as they do you utter these words, "I bought those for us."  BOOM.  Now take in a deep breath and allow the feeling of utter creepiness fill the room.  The cashier will look up at you and at this point you will see utter confusion and fear on a face that you have never seen before.  Give that moment time to breath allowing both you and the clerk to share in this experience together.  Then, you say, "Just kidding. I'll take a pack of cigarettes and two lottery tickets please."  When you continue through your life you will always have that moment to bring a smile to your face.

    So that creepy moment is intentional and gives life a little salt and pepper. However this next story is a bit different.   I went in to a coffee shop the other day and upon entering the store I saw two young men getting their coffees from the back counter near the rear of the coffee joint.  One young man had a shaved head, beady eyes, a pointy nose along with high stiff shoulders while the other had a soft face, a bowl haircut, his sleeves were ripped off of his plaid lumber jacket revealing a small anchor tattoo (I doubt he ever sailed though) and he had green cargo pants on.  As I approached the counter they sat down at a table, passing me on their way.  I ordered my chai latte (yes I love chai lattes) and went to the back counter to wait for my drink to be prepared by the barista.  She quickly gave me my latte with a smile and walked toward the front of the counter where the soft faced young man had positioned himself.  I grabbed the cinnamon shaker, removed the lid from my latte and as I was just about to shake a light splatter of cinnamon on my frothy drink I heard the soft faced boy speak, "Can I get a napkin?" He inquired. "Sure," responded the barista. The words that follow are verbatim as they are etched in my mind forever, "So, you have to be eighteen to work here right?" Asked the soft faced boy. The cinnamon shaker in my hand shook leaving a large splatter of cinnamon on my drink.  However the shaker was not shaken by my mind going, "Hey we need some cinnamon, lets shake this thing."   Nope.  Instead the cinnamon shaker shook because when the boy uttered these words a shiver poured down my body starting at the crown of my head and working its way through my neck, arms and spine then filling my entire body with one vile quiver. Agggghhh, I thought. But the barista without pausing to think responded, "Some of us are and some of us aren't." "Ha, ha, ha!!  That a girl I thought.  Keep the creep guessing."

     I went out to my car and sat for a moment in disbelief at what I had been a part of and thought about the young man.  This is what I pictured him really saying, "Hey you have to be eighteen to work here right?  Because I have a bunch of pictures of you and I save each and every cup that you serve me and pin them to my wall and I jerk off in them thinking about you, but I just wanted to make sure you were eighteen because, well, if you weren't... that'd be pretty creepy."

There are a million pick up lines out there and a variety of ways to connect with women and I think after reading this story, for myself experiencing it, I would say that starting off with, "You have to be eighteen to work here right?"  Is not one of them.

Good luck out there Eddy it's a mad, mad world.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

We Need A Predator

Us ol' humans seem to have it too good; being on the top of the food chain has made us soft.  We have too much time on our hands these days, using our potential in evolving for other things; we pollute, sit on the couch watching tv while eating processed foods, we start wars with one another, we are self involved, we think material things are more important than human things, we are losing our ability to think or to take good care of ourselves.  We have also become complacent and live our lives in indifference.  So what can help us out of our rut?  What can give us the push we need?  What can inspire us to get back to our human ways?  I think it is bigger than us.  I hope that it can kill us.  It can be any shape or form we can imagine - mine being that it is half shark half robot = Sharkbot.   Yes, I believe we need a predator.  Something that preys on us.  Something that stalks us for food.  Something that has no mercy towards us and we are unable to completely destroy.  We've been at the top of the food chain for too long and it is fine time that this 'thing' puts us back in our place.

The 'thing' I am talking about can any thing.  It can be natural or not, but it has to kill us and we have to be concerned of its whereabouts at all times.  It can't just be something that comes out between the hours of 2am and 4am killing people who leave the bar.  It needs to hunt us all hours of the day.  When those of us who get up early to go to work, when we go to our car in the morning we need to know that that situation is no longer an easy peasy walk where we think about the coffee we are going to get at shitty Tim Hortons (see previous post).  Or we are thinking about what we are wearing, or what we are going to do that night, or what we did the night before, or how great our shower was.  We need to be aware, present and in the moment.  Because our predator can come out of anywhere at any time and kill us.  This would bring us unity as well.  I'd be much more apt to call my neighbour in the morning and ask them, "Hey Donna, how are you?  Have you seen the 'thing' this morning?  No, well me either, but if I do I will let you know.  Ok, yup, you too.  Bye Donna."  If you hate Donna just don't tell her about the 'thing' and no more Donna.  That shitty neighbour is gone.  We will care more deeply about our loved ones.  Our efforts in getting together will be more meaningful.  "You came to my birthday?!  Thanks so much everyone.  You could have been killed in coming here and you came anyway; that just shows how much you care."  We could finally stop fighting and killing each other and focus on what is killing us.  Just like at sporting events where people with many levels of differences unite to back their team to kick the shit out of whoever it is that opposes their home team.  That could be the human race.   Us banding together, putting our religious, political and cultural differences aside so we can fight against the 'thing'.  Even in the smallest of triumphs against the 'thing' we would find brotherhood and sisterhood with one another, understanding and compassion; a memory of an experience shared in unity.  So, maybe we should make it.  Or find it.  Or breed it.  To help ourselves become ourselves again.

This could be a great way to live.  We could send the elderly to fight the 'thing' first.  Arm all humans who are living in assisted living situations and give them the one mission that brings meaning and purpose to their lives again; to kill the 'things'.  And if they did die in their attempt to kill the 'things' they would die honourably.  That is something that is missing in our culture - the gift of an honourable death and I believe that people deserve that.  To die wasting away in a room is not a way of dying honourably it is a way of dying miserably.  This concept would keep our population growth in check as well.  It could tighten the gap between the three people born every second and the one person dying every second.  This would lessen our impact on the environment as their would be less of us weighing upon its supplies.  It would mean less of us in cars on the roads.  It would be less of us building suburban homes that aren't economically viable.  It would be less of us wasting our lives away doing nothing.  It would... be a great sci-fi movie.

The title of the movie?  The Food Chain.  You're welcome young producer.  Now go out there  and make this thing happen.  And if the government is reading this maybe we can 'find' this thing on Mars or accidentally make this 'thing' in a lab.  Seriously, let's help the human race get back on it's toes again.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Feature #4 - w/ Death

Hey Eddy!

So this weeks podcast is about death.  Yup, one of the two guarantees of this life we live, death and... taxes.  Just kidding.  I've been thinking/pondering about death a lot lately - what it means to me, my family, others, how we deal with death culturally, nationally and universally.  It is the one thing that we all know we will face one day and yet it is the one thing that we know next to nothing about.  To know is to experience and well, if you have experienced death then you are no longer in this reality to tell us of it.  AND fuck those people who have flat lined and come back, or have seen the light and turned around.  They didn't die, they almost died.  I've left my house lots and said I was going to the store and ended up at the mall.  We've all gone to sports games and sang the national anthem, but if we left right afterward that point we wouldn't be able to say what the game is like.  Those people just got a taste - like opening up a bag of M&M's, but never eating one; they cannot say what death is like because they never went through death the whole way.  If someone has chest pains they can't tell you what a heart attack is like.  You get the point right?

So this is a tribute to death, and life as well because without one we cannot have the other.  I'm writing cannot a lot, right?  And for me, I've finally come to a place in my life where I am afraid of neither actually, lately, I've felt like death may be a better thing than life - this life anyway.  The world kind of sucks, people suck, societies suck, "progress" sucks, starvation sucks, pain sucks, love sucks, etc. etc.

Here is the podcast and please feel free to comment on it with your point of view as I'd love to learn something new.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Short and Local

I've been thinking a lot about a variety of things lately.  It's very easy to think out here at the woodpile as you are stacking or chopping wood most of the day, but I love it.  I get to write jokes in my head, think of what is happening around me and sing songs.  Those are the things that I do with my day, I like it, it keeps me busy.

I thought of this joke today:

I would make a horrible deer.  You know when you see a deer from 20 or 30 yards away and the deer clearly knows that you are there and they feel your every movement?  I'm no good at that type of intuitive behaviour.  If I was a deer you'd be able to come up behind me, grab my tail and yell, "Boo!" And I would pee my dear pants.  Literally, hunters would be able to save ammunition and just walk up to me and choke me out.  I wouldn't even be a deer in the headlights I'd just have my head down and a car would plough right over top of me.  As my deer spirit was leaving my deer body all I could think would be,"What happened?  I was just eating some gravel."

It needs some work, but I like the premise. :)  Famous words from all comedians.

Sorry this is so short and sweet, but I'm working on a podcast based around the idea of death and well, it's taking me some time.  Yet, at the same time, I would like to keep posting at least something every Wednesday - so here you have it.  My lame joke.

Be well Eddy!  And go see a performance from a local artist this week.  Or go try a new restaurant that is owned and operated by a local (not a corporation) this week.  Go to the market and buy local food, grown by local people.  Support you community and watch it grow into a beautiful place.

"If you are ever sick, don't go see Dr. Acula. " Mitch Hedberg

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Living In a Tipi Down by the Woodpile

It's official!  I now live in a tipi.  For those of you who know me and those who first see me this is of no great surprise.  "What else are you going to tell us about yourself, you long haired, skinny jeaned wearing hippie??  Are you going to fill us in on how you like to play guitar, smoke pot and think about the balance between conscious consumerism and the economic demands of our industrialized state?  Or how about your adventures at Burning Man?  YA HIPPIE!!!"  Well, the last one doesn't fit as it is too far to the left on the hippie spectrum for my tastes.  I enjoy freedom, but I also enjoy structure and responsibility - Who's German, has two fingers and is typing this blog?  This guy.

I love tipi life, however, as I write this I see a mouse wandering around looking for food.  Sorry little feller, but everything is in sealed jars and tupperware.  Yes, I'm typing in my tipi and I have sealed containers.  I also, have a fire pit, a guitar (see above paragraph) solar panels, and a water reserve.  So, I'm not totally roughing it, depending on your definition of 'roughing it'.  I like to refer to myself as the modern First Nations person (if in America and reading this Native or Indian).

I guess I am just finally practicing what I preach.  I cannot stand what we are doing as a culture here in Canada - how many suburbs are we going to build?  With complete homogeny between them; the exact same strip malls, the exact same houses (that are over sized and draining our non-renewable resources), the exact same cars, the exact same drive-way/garage/backyard design).  When you stop and think about Edmonton all it really is is a bunch of suburbs that connect with one another.  Then there are two streets where some cool shit is happening, but hardly anyone is supporting.  I was thinking today that I hate travelling the most when I meet new people and they say to me, "Oh, you're from Canada?  Thats cool, eh.  How about a beer and some hockey, eh?"  I fucking hate these stereotypes of our culture, but guess what I hate even more?  That they are spot on.  That is our culture and we do little to change it, add to it or evolve it into something new or different.  This is where I tell people that Canadians are very conservative.  Yes, we are a liberal country when it comes to peoples freedoms and liberties, but we are very conservative when it comes to curating our own unique culture.

Well, that's it for me.  Hope there are some ideas in here that you can chew on and think about and PLEASE comment or email me your opinions because all great change starts with guns.  Just kidding, it starts with judgement.  HA!  Really though, it starts with communication.

Have a great week EDDY!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feature #3 - Kathleen McGee

Okay, yup.  What's up Eddy!?  Better yet, whats up with this blog Kelly?  Well, if you are speaking about the randomness of posts lately it is because I'VE BEEN STUPID BUSY.  I was in NY for a bit and I've been working seven days a week helping my dad, as well as trying to put together a 30 minute stand up set, on top of playing music, seeing my family and trying to sleep - oh sleep, oh god, how I miss you.  When we reunite it will be a night I won't soon forget.  You may be upset because all I'm going to do is SLEEP.

So in this disguise of excuses I must say that I recorded this feature with Kathleen on Wednesday, but was unable to edit everything together until today.  I AM SORRY, SUPER SOrrrrrrrrrrry.  So in the podcast when I say that Kathleen has 5 dates at the Comic Strip, well, that has already passed and if you missed her please look out for her in a town near you, follow her on Instagram, FB, Twitter and Youtube.  If you are in Calgary, however, GO SEE HER.

Anyway.  Last Sunday I was blown away by a performer at Empress Ale House and that performers name is Kathleen McGee, yup you guessed it.  Ever heard of her?  If you have, you know what I'm talking about!!!  On this particular night she was on fire; everything that came out of her mouth had people absolutely howling.  It was one of those nights when all the stars align and you get to see one of the best performances you've ever seen.  I've seen a lot of stand up over the years including Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Bill Cosby, John Mullaney amongst many others and I've got to say this show is now in my top 5 of stand up shows I've seen.  Kathleen McGee has an abundance of talent and it will only be a matter of time until she finds the gates to the mainstream where she will be in everyones heads, but for now she remains off the beaten path, for you to find and enjoy before everyone else does.  Like a mix tape just waiting to happen where every teenager and young adult are listening to her bits without telling anyone because they tow that distant line between the truths we know and the truths we allow ourselves to share with others.  I love this woman and so will you.  She is, in my mind, the next Rosanne - taking the dirtiest, most questionable things in humanity and making them absolutely fucking hilarious.

Enjoy Eddy, one of the best talents from your very own backyard.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tim Hortons - Proudly Serving Piss Water

I'll say it, and I'm gonna say it.  This may be the most controversial thing ever stated by a Canadian, but to hell with it.  "Tim Hortons sucks.  It is just a bullshit corporate chain that serves low quality goods."  There it is.  You are welcome.

I see how people don't want to make conscious choices as it is easier to follow the habits of yesterday.  My Dad does it all the time and Tim Hortons is his routine "go to spot" for coffee and the like.  In his mind he says, "This spots good.  What's wrong with this spot?  Nothing."  But there is always this:

"Tim Hortons has found itself in the midst of a controversy after a teen suffering from an asthma attack asked to use the phone to call for help, but was turned down.
It happened on Sunday when Brett Wolfe, 17, stopped at a Tim Hortons on Horton Street East and Wellington Street, in downtown London, Ont.
While inside, he started having breathing problems and asked to use the phone.
"They said, 'There's a payphone across the street.'  Well, I said 'I need to call 911, I'm short of breath, I'm having an asthma attack' and they just ignored me.- CBC News
This is not directly Tim Hortons' fault as much as it is their shitty employees, but why wouldn't their employees help this man?  Why the tight following of protocol?  Was there an incident before where someone was fired for not following direct protocol?  Are their employees that unhappy that they are unwilling to help their customers? 
Or how about this one:
"After being fired for giving away a Timbit to a baby and hastily reinstated when the doughy dilemma hit the media, single mom Nicole Lilliman says she'll collect her much-needed Tim Hortons paycheque until she can find work elsewhere." - CBC News
This is what happens with corporations - the employee naturally becomes/or is directed to become disconnected with humanity, essentially becoming a robot who follows rules made by a lawyer in HR.  Do you think this would happen at a local Mom and Pop business that is operated by people of the community?  I don't.
This is a tangent getting off the subject of just how low quality the products of Tim Hortons really are.  So lets get back to it.  The company was created in the 60's by a hockey player, Tim Horton, and his colleague Jim Charade.  What do these two men know about good coffee?  Do they care about coffee?  Do they live the essence of the bean?  I just don't think so - and I also don't think anyone who owns a Tim Hortons gives a shit either.  I've been in NY for about 13 years and I must say that through my original naivety, helpful hands and an open mind I have gained a fairly decent handle on good coffee.  I can now, as I couldn't before, taste the quality of the bean, enjoy the rich experience of espresso w/ a side of soda water and literally appreciate the people who curate the coffee culture.  Speed freaks most of them are, sure.  That's what coffee is - a natural amphetamine that we take during our day to boost us up.  But, it is more than just a boost it really is a very tasteful and delicious drink when done well.  

So yes, I am a coffee fan.  Not a fanatic because I don't live coffee like some people, but I do like a great cup of coffee.  Many people in Canada utter those words and then pull up to the Tim Hortons window to order a double double of piss.  That's right - piss.  Tim Hortons coffee tastes like piss and I think that when you go through the drive-thru, order your cup of joe and get to the window there should just be a person there who pisses in your mouth.  Want to order a double double?  Then when you get to the window there are two guys there - one to piss in your face and the other to jerk off on you.  Then when they are both finished they take handfuls of sugar and throw them in your face.  The sad thing is that I believe so many Canadians are brainwashed to Tim Hortons that they would still go there.  HA!! 
I'm cynical, I get it.  But sorry folks we've been lied to - this coffee is awful.  It's okay, don't be upset by it just do something about it.  We've been lied to before by corporations like McDonalds, "We don't market unhealthy food to kids."  Happy Meals anyone?  The Clean Coal campaign from the major coal companies of the world.  Really clean coal?  It's like companies who say they have 'entry level' workers in their company when they really have 'unpaid interns'.  It's all just pizza and fairy tales.  They'll say anything to help their margin and they don't give a shit about you, their employees or the state of the world.
The other things on the menu at Tim Hortons?  Wheat and sugar.  Sourced locally?  Or just from where ever the cheapest price is?  I'd bet on the later.  So wheat and sugar - probably a couple of the worst things a human being could consume for themselves.  It contributes to weight gain, IBS, diabetes, and on and on.  How are these things not regulated?  People say the market will regulate itself, but I gotta say that old habits die hard and if the government can put a label on cigarettes saying, "Smoking will kill you."  Why not do the same for places that only serve food that will do the same?
Sorry Tim, but in my mind Canada is better off without you.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feature #2 - Clare Belford

Eddy!!!  Holy smokes.  You know what can happen in a week?  A lot.  I was forming the podcast portion of the blog after Marc Marons' WTF podcast and even as I was recording the intro section, which I never posted, for Brett McCrindle's feature last week I got the feeling somethings were too self indulgent and others weren't really me.  That and some feedback on podcasts from my friend Jon Mick, left me re-evaluating things.  SO!!  Evolution has come to us this week, bringing with it a whole new design for the podcast.  I hope you enjoy it as I invited some of my friends onto the show to host segments, give you weather updates and lifestyle reports.

The main portion of the show is Clare Belford being kind enough to share an hour of her time with us and I really enjoyed our conversation.  Every time I sit and talk with someone I thoroughly enjoy the experience and when I listen back on those conversations I learn a lot, not only about myself, but the other person as well.  It's just been real, real nice.

Right now it is around 12:30am and I have to be at work at 8am.  So as much as I'd like to post Clare's video I just don't have time tonight.  I'll put it up later this week so please stay tuned for that.

Have a great one Eddy!!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Feature #1 - Brett McCrindle

EDDY!!!!  This is happening!!!  I'm super jazzed to be posting the first feature on What's Up Eddy. AHHHHH!  I hope you enjoy it.

Red Deer born comedian and all around awesome guy Brett McCrindle joined me, late night, to hang out and chat at Denny's.  We cover topics such as food, first performances in your basement and comedy contests.  Brett hosts the Thursday night comedy show at The Underdog at 9pm - click HERE to join the FB group.  Also, check out Brett doing his live set at The Empress Ale House (just click the video). You can find Brett going across Canada in the month of September on the Blending With the Locals Tourcation, for updates join the Facebook page HERE and follow them on Twitter #tourcation.

Have an awesome week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Strip Malls Are Right and I am Wrong; The Beast & The Payoff

So I bitch a lot.  It is something that I've always loved doing as it is the dumping portal of my inner cynicism.  I also LOVE being right.  Doesn't everyone love being right?  How often do you hear, "Man I love being wrong."  You might hear the words, "I'm glad I was wrong."  But people only use that term when they are talking about actually being right.  "Man, I thought I had HPV - glad I was wrong."  No one ever spurts the words, "I didn't think anyone sold fake weed anymore - glad I was wrong."  Being right is something we are taught from the time we enter this world - be right, do the right thing, right and wrong, what's the right answer, right is good and wrong is bad.  I'm trying to teach myself to be comfortable in the fact that I am wrong.  Hell, even to just admit I'm wrong has become 10 times easier for me in the past 5 or so years after I became conscious of how much of an asshole I was becoming.  It is another area where comedy saved my life because in comedy you have to admit you are wrong, be okay with it and do more of that wrong thing that everyone is laughing at.  The way our brains are wired through our development though is to be right - how many people become insecure in front of others?  Seriously, how many people take a stage and stand in front of a crowd of people they don't know because they don't want to do something 'wrong'?  Tons!  Even some people don't feel comfortable admitting their own mistakes to themselves or those closest to them.  Damn!!  It's nuts, right?  Why?  Why do we do this?  Some of the greatest art and inventions in the world come on the heals of great mistakes.  And things are only 'right' because we think or say they are - it doesn't actually mean they are right.  I'm sure there is a Battlestar Galactica episode that covers this topic.  HA!  That fucking show.  I almost finished it, but it got to be too much like Lost towards the last seasons.  And if there is one show I couldn't get on board with it was Lost.

But!  I digress back to bitching and the title of this entry - Strip Malls Are Right and I am Wrong; The Beast & The Payoff.  I've been in Edmonton and surrounding area for the past four months or so now and have noticed something that is extremely profound to me - every where I go there is a strip mall - it doesn't matter if it's Edmonton North, South, East or West; if it is Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Sherwood Park or Mill Woods there it is. The late 20th century piece of architecture that I think any architect with half of a taste bud left would look at and think, "Wow, that is one ugly and inefficient piece of shit."  Is that too harsh?  Am I alone with this point of view?  Can you honestly say that you find comfort in seeing the beauty and practicality of a strip mall?  You can?  Fuck you, no you can't.  They're pieces of shit and we all know it.  Only the developers love them and it isn't for any other reason than the fact that they make tons of money.  I CANT STAND HOW THEY ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME WITH THE EXACT SAME STORES IN THEM. (nice segue way there am I right?)  Where is the diversity in this type of development?  I could literally be driving by the strip malls on highway 16 in Spruce Grove and not even notice the difference if I were driving by the strip malls on 138th.  There is no personality to our neighbourhoods and I completely blame not only the powers in place, but also the complacent people who do nothing to change it.  Why does no one speak up about this?  Where is the community?  Where are the elected officials to take care of this shit?

I believe that the strip mall is killing our neighbourhoods and bringing nothing but homogeny to our culture.  I hope that other people can see this as well, but if not, I'll say it to myself I guess.  Who allows these buildings to continue to be built?  Who's the guy?  Who knows the guy, who knows a guy?  Who pays the community board?  Who bribes them 'mafia style' to get them to okay these one story pieces of tasteless shit?  All they are is a massive, bland, structure surrounded by a parking lot that forces anyone outside of a block of their radius' to have to drive to them.  "Really Kelly?  What makes you so right about this?  How can you shit on our beautiful strip malls?"  I'm RIGHT!!!  Please reference paragraph 1.  HA!!

Well, look at it this way - if Edmonton developers continue to build out, rather than up, what could be arguably the best farmland in the world will be completely covered with concrete and asphalt in no time.  So rather than starving ourselves of such a wonderful natural resource maybe we should consider this, "How about we put apartments on top of the strip malls?  Every strip mall should have a five story walk up residential building on top of it."  POPULATION DENSITY.  That's right.  Bring us closer together - it is a city after all and the best cities are dense, in their population. ;).

The benefits are obvious, no?  It would benefit everyone because it creates easy access for the people to patron these businesses, it would stop the need for people to be driving to just go to the store, it would decrease the amount of urban sprawl and it would create communities because people would be out and about, interacting with each other in the public spaces.  Am I wrong here?

Tell me what you think, post a picture of your favourite strip mall, leave a comment below or tweet me @kkreye with the hashtag #stripmallssuck

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Success 5000

I was sitting at the Underdog, watching a comic from Toronto who was splitting the headlining bill with Success 5000.  I can't recall the guys name, but I do recall all of his jokes being very male-centric and the crowd not loving him that much for it.  I felt tired from working all day and being out most of the night already so I was considering leaving before Success 5000 did their show, but I didn't (and I'm happy as shit that I listened to my gut to stay).  I wanted to see them again as I had only seen them once before at Dr. Jokes about a month ago and I remembered thinking, "I like this, but it's not hitting me as hard as I wish it would."  Well, Josh and Robyn took the stage at the Underdog, this past Thursday night, and literally from their opening hellos to their final goodbyes they killed it.  They rocked the whole room; they were funny, sincere, light on their feet and completely connected with their audience.  What I realized in watching them the second time around was that their songs are not meant to be a laugh a minute, joke fueled tunes that only guys in their inner circles repeat.  Their songs are layered with fun, seriousness, self deprecation, love, thoughtfulness & a fine, refreshing touch of nihilism.  They went all out for the people in attendance and vice versa as people sang along, requested songs and bade many a happy-a-birthdays to Josh.  In between songs Josh & Robyn shared a wonderful rapport with not only themselves, but their audience as well.  I just can't say enough about the show - it was one of those fucking awesome shows that come around every once in a while that blow your mind and remind you that this is the reason that we gather, this is the reason people go out to see shows (or the reason that performers do shows); so that we can experience that once every now and again type of feeling where everything comes together and we all share in an experience that we never could have predicted and if we tried with all of our might we could never recreate.  My hats off to Success 5000 and I hope to see more of them around town, I also hope that you too go and see what these two awesomely creative gentlemen are up to.  Check out their attached video as well as their Fringe show - "A Series of Grisly Murders at Lonsdale's Record Shop."  You can check out their website for all of their vids, shows, etc.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Well, as they do say in some circles, let the good times roll.  I've had this idea in my head for a blog (a word that I don't like all that much) to communicate with others - through video, audio, stills & text - who are interested in the creative human beings who inhabit their cities.  These inhabitants/artists bring eccentric, unique, fun, moving, thought provoking, comforting experiences to share with everyone around them.  The people I will post about are essentially creative types who love to create experiences for people to gather around ie. The Musician, The Comedian, The Chef, The Actor.  You could put them all into one descriptive title "The Entertainer".  To begin with the blog will mostly be centred around Edmonton because that is where I am staying at the moment - hence the title.  And Edmonton I have to say, "There are amazing things happening in your city and you should be out experiencing them."  "Why?" You ask.  "Because Edmonton that is how you expand your mind, come together as a community and build culture."  Okay, okay, I'm done with my soap box.  Actually, I'm never really done with my soap box as I could go on about strip malls, urban design, mass transit, local consumption and a pleather of other topics for quite some time.  BUT!!  I won't, not yet anyway, not until you at least get to know me and hopefully like me enough to listen to my radical ideologies.  HA! So just to start I'm posting a picture of myself and my two sisters that was taken at my Dad's woodpile business - we all grew up here just 13km southwest of Stony Plain on a little acreage that had been in my family for 4 generations.  Catch you all in the next post.