Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Success 5000

I was sitting at the Underdog, watching a comic from Toronto who was splitting the headlining bill with Success 5000.  I can't recall the guys name, but I do recall all of his jokes being very male-centric and the crowd not loving him that much for it.  I felt tired from working all day and being out most of the night already so I was considering leaving before Success 5000 did their show, but I didn't (and I'm happy as shit that I listened to my gut to stay).  I wanted to see them again as I had only seen them once before at Dr. Jokes about a month ago and I remembered thinking, "I like this, but it's not hitting me as hard as I wish it would."  Well, Josh and Robyn took the stage at the Underdog, this past Thursday night, and literally from their opening hellos to their final goodbyes they killed it.  They rocked the whole room; they were funny, sincere, light on their feet and completely connected with their audience.  What I realized in watching them the second time around was that their songs are not meant to be a laugh a minute, joke fueled tunes that only guys in their inner circles repeat.  Their songs are layered with fun, seriousness, self deprecation, love, thoughtfulness & a fine, refreshing touch of nihilism.  They went all out for the people in attendance and vice versa as people sang along, requested songs and bade many a happy-a-birthdays to Josh.  In between songs Josh & Robyn shared a wonderful rapport with not only themselves, but their audience as well.  I just can't say enough about the show - it was one of those fucking awesome shows that come around every once in a while that blow your mind and remind you that this is the reason that we gather, this is the reason people go out to see shows (or the reason that performers do shows); so that we can experience that once every now and again type of feeling where everything comes together and we all share in an experience that we never could have predicted and if we tried with all of our might we could never recreate.  My hats off to Success 5000 and I hope to see more of them around town, I also hope that you too go and see what these two awesomely creative gentlemen are up to.  Check out their attached video as well as their Fringe show - "A Series of Grisly Murders at Lonsdale's Record Shop."  You can check out their website for all of their vids, shows, etc.

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