Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Living In a Tipi Down by the Woodpile

It's official!  I now live in a tipi.  For those of you who know me and those who first see me this is of no great surprise.  "What else are you going to tell us about yourself, you long haired, skinny jeaned wearing hippie??  Are you going to fill us in on how you like to play guitar, smoke pot and think about the balance between conscious consumerism and the economic demands of our industrialized state?  Or how about your adventures at Burning Man?  YA HIPPIE!!!"  Well, the last one doesn't fit as it is too far to the left on the hippie spectrum for my tastes.  I enjoy freedom, but I also enjoy structure and responsibility - Who's German, has two fingers and is typing this blog?  This guy.

I love tipi life, however, as I write this I see a mouse wandering around looking for food.  Sorry little feller, but everything is in sealed jars and tupperware.  Yes, I'm typing in my tipi and I have sealed containers.  I also, have a fire pit, a guitar (see above paragraph) solar panels, and a water reserve.  So, I'm not totally roughing it, depending on your definition of 'roughing it'.  I like to refer to myself as the modern First Nations person (if in America and reading this Native or Indian).

I guess I am just finally practicing what I preach.  I cannot stand what we are doing as a culture here in Canada - how many suburbs are we going to build?  With complete homogeny between them; the exact same strip malls, the exact same houses (that are over sized and draining our non-renewable resources), the exact same cars, the exact same drive-way/garage/backyard design).  When you stop and think about Edmonton all it really is is a bunch of suburbs that connect with one another.  Then there are two streets where some cool shit is happening, but hardly anyone is supporting.  I was thinking today that I hate travelling the most when I meet new people and they say to me, "Oh, you're from Canada?  Thats cool, eh.  How about a beer and some hockey, eh?"  I fucking hate these stereotypes of our culture, but guess what I hate even more?  That they are spot on.  That is our culture and we do little to change it, add to it or evolve it into something new or different.  This is where I tell people that Canadians are very conservative.  Yes, we are a liberal country when it comes to peoples freedoms and liberties, but we are very conservative when it comes to curating our own unique culture.

Well, that's it for me.  Hope there are some ideas in here that you can chew on and think about and PLEASE comment or email me your opinions because all great change starts with guns.  Just kidding, it starts with judgement.  HA!  Really though, it starts with communication.

Have a great week EDDY!!!

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