Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Feature #4 - w/ Death

Hey Eddy!

So this weeks podcast is about death.  Yup, one of the two guarantees of this life we live, death and... taxes.  Just kidding.  I've been thinking/pondering about death a lot lately - what it means to me, my family, others, how we deal with death culturally, nationally and universally.  It is the one thing that we all know we will face one day and yet it is the one thing that we know next to nothing about.  To know is to experience and well, if you have experienced death then you are no longer in this reality to tell us of it.  AND fuck those people who have flat lined and come back, or have seen the light and turned around.  They didn't die, they almost died.  I've left my house lots and said I was going to the store and ended up at the mall.  We've all gone to sports games and sang the national anthem, but if we left right afterward that point we wouldn't be able to say what the game is like.  Those people just got a taste - like opening up a bag of M&M's, but never eating one; they cannot say what death is like because they never went through death the whole way.  If someone has chest pains they can't tell you what a heart attack is like.  You get the point right?

So this is a tribute to death, and life as well because without one we cannot have the other.  I'm writing cannot a lot, right?  And for me, I've finally come to a place in my life where I am afraid of neither actually, lately, I've felt like death may be a better thing than life - this life anyway.  The world kind of sucks, people suck, societies suck, "progress" sucks, starvation sucks, pain sucks, love sucks, etc. etc.

Here is the podcast and please feel free to comment on it with your point of view as I'd love to learn something new.


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